Persaudaraan Hill

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September 4, 2019

Persaudaraan Hill

The most impressive feature of Persaudaraan Hill is none other than the stunning landscape. The scenery looks amazing up there, without a doubt. Once reaching the top of the hill, tourists may see the views of local farms and hills. Even Waingapu City can be seen clearly from that spot! Not to famous tourists can see soothing green savanna and majestic Kambaniru River from where they stand. What is more? Another interesting view is the presence of a group of livestock including goats, buffalos, Ongole cattle, and horses are seen afar. Plus, the breeze feels so warm and refreshing up there!

People have different reasons for visiting Persaudaraan Hill, for sure. Still, the most common one is to enjoy trekking or hiking. Have no worries. The route to get to the top of the hill is considered easy, so everyone is able to enjoy the activity regardless of their experience. There is no need to hire a tour guide, as well, in fact. Here is the best thing. Tourists don’t need to spend much time to get to the top of the hill, as the trekking route is considered short (especially from the parking area or checkpoint).

Trekking to the top of Persaudaraan Mau-Mau Hill is one thing, but sightseeing becomes another great thing to do once arriving at the top of the hill. The vast local farms and other nearby hills can be seen clearly up there. Plus, the breezy wind makes it more comfortable to enjoy sightseeing. Here is the tip. Visitors should never forget to carry a camera when heading to the location. They won’t miss the chance to capture beautiful pictures of such panorama, no?

Another important consideration for those who come to Persaudaraan Hill in Indonesia is related to the time of visit. According to the locals, most tourists visit the hill at dusk or during the sunset. Not only the site becomes more comfortable, but it also features a beautiful sunset for tourists to enjoy. Somehow, it gives a ro

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